Hello all,

Having taken an awfully long break from blogging I now feel as though I’m ready to come back and begin again. To make sure I can give myself a completely fresh start and the biggest chance of success in the bloggersphere, I’ve decided to start over with a new blog! is going to be my new home!

I’d really love to maintain my original readers so please pop over and take a look if you want to continue following the events of my life! The new blog will have everything from lifestyle, fashion and beauty so I really hope you enjoy.

Currently the site is pretty empty, but I’m working on some exciting posts to make sure I give you guys the best!

Many thanks and here’s to a new year and a new blog!

Connie x


Hello Again!

Hello again all!

I’ve retuned from an extremely long hiatus which has lasted over a year but now I’m back! Before I begin I want to warn you guys that I have no idea how consistent I will be over the next few months up until summer because I have the horror of AS level exams looming over me which begin in exactly 28 days (er ma gawd, I want to cry at the thought of that…), however I recently had an overwhelming urge to return to the blogging scene and so I am doing so!

I’m completely redesigning the blog as you can probably see already from the new layout (I hope you like it!) and taking a completely different stance with my content. I’ve come to the conclusion that this blog is my space and I am free to put whatever I want on it. I’ve also realised that I no longer need to try and blog like anyone else or in the same style as anyone else just because their blog is very popular and gets a tonne of views. With that in mind, my blog is no longer going to have a theme of beauty or fashion or lifestyle or anything else for that matter! It’s going to contain whatever I fancy! I have some exciting trips lined up in the summer which I’m super super super excited about (mostly a trip to Paris in August!) and so I will most definitely be doing an array of travel posts. On top of that I have in mind a few ideas regarding more diary style posts which won’t necessarily be daily, but possibly weekly, which will just let you guys know what kind of things I’ve been getting up to!

I also have a lot more ideas but I’ll keep them a secret for now so you lot have something to look forward to!

I’ll leave you with a recent picture of me (well the side of me!) taken as the sun was setting in the beautiful Hampshire countryside a few weekends ago.


I must get back to revision now, but I’m so excited to be back up and running!

Connie x x x

Fruity and Frisky

I’m going to do something a little different for today’s post and talk to you guys about a yummy snack which I love!

Whenever I’m a little peckish and want something fruity but also a bit sweet I turn straight to this snack, it’s super easy and simple but tastes really yummy! The ingredients you’ll need are one apple and some chocolate!



Start by breaking up your chocolate into smaller chunks and putting it into a microwave safe bowl.




Then pop the bowl of chocolate into the microwave; I usually set it for about 20 seconds on the highest setting, take it out and give it a stir and then put it back in for another 20 seconds, but it all depends on your microwave’s settings so just test out different times until you find what works best for you!


After you’re chocolate is melted take it out of the microwave (make sure you wear oven gloves when doing this because bowls get surprisingly hot in the microwave! I’ve burnt myself pretty badly before!) and then put it to one side whilst you prepare the apple.

Start off by chopping the apple in half, then chop the halfs in half and then cut those pieces into small isn cubes (does that make any sense whatsoever?! It’s the only way I could explain it !)


Now you’re basically finished just give your chocolate another stir and pop your apple on a plate and you’re ready to enjoy the treat!


Just sit down, relax, dip the apple in the chocolate and revel in its deliciousness!


I hoe you guys enjoyed this post even though it was a little bit different to usual, be sure to let me know if you’d like to see more foodie posts because I have a ton of other yummy treats which I’d love to share with you all!

Current Faves – January 2014

Although it’s only a week and a bit into January there are already a few things which I’ve been seriously loving and I wanted to share them with you guys, so I’ve decided to start a new series called ‘current faves’, which is very similar to my ‘currently loving’ series, however it’s be about products or items as opposed to things like magazines or programs which I will continue to feature in the ‘currently loving’ series. 

This month there have been three things in particular which I have found myself reaching for and using very frequently; 


The first favourite is a fashion item and is the beautiful pair of Jeffery Campbell Coltrane copies which I found on, I have spent months trying to track down the real deal Coltranes in my size and the colour I wanted but they were literally sold out everywhere, so I gave up searching and saved myself a lot of money by choosing to purchase these babies instead. I bought them back in the beginning of January and they cost me a tiny £35 in comparison to the price of the Coltranes and in my opinion they look just as nice! They’re super comfy and I’ve had no issues with them rubbing or being uncomfortable in anyway which is always a bonus! They come in a range of colours but I went for the classic black with gold hard wear and I absolutely love them and have been wearing them with everything!


The second favourite of January so far is a book I received in my stocking at Christmas, it’s titled ‘It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be’, I briefly touched on the fact that I seriously struggle with always wanting to be the best at school and in other aspects of life, however I know that I can’t always achieve that and there’s always going to be someone out there who is better than you, however my mum decided to buy me this book to help me remember that providing I try hard enough nothing is ever out of reach and I really can achieve anything I want, so long as I want it enough. I’m not going to ramble on about it too much because I will do a whole post dedicated to it, but I just wanted to mention it because it’s really been keeping me positive and motivated this month when I’ve been feeling down and slightly disheartened.


The third and final ‘fave’ of this month so far has been another christmas gift which I received from some family friends who live in America and it’s this beautiful Kate Spade pouch. It’s a patent black with little polka dots and the Kate Spade symbol embossed into it, I absolutely love it and have been using it non stop for so many different things, I carry it around in my bag with things like hand cream, hand sanitiser and paracetamol etc. in it, or if I’ve been just going out for coffee or to somewhere where I don’t need to take a bag I’ve been using it to keep my money, keys and phone etc. in it. It’s super handy and useful and also looks really lovely too!


Thats all for my ‘current faves’ of January, I hope you enjoyed and feel free to let me know what you’re currently loving in the comments!

Coping With Exam Stress (or any other type of stress!)

I am a naturally very anxious person who gets stressed extremely easily and finds it very difficult to cope with pressuring situations; my mother tells me that I’ve always been anxious and had a very nervous disposition and tendency to worry ever since I was a tiny toddler. I find that pressure gets to me very easily and I worry about anything and everything!

Something in particular which I get very anxious and stressed over are exams, I’m sure many of you have experienced or are currently experiencing very similar feelings when it comes to exams. I think there are three types of people when it comes to sitting examinations; type one are the lucky people, the people that perform to the best of their ability under the pressure exams bring and come out with the best results. The second group are people who aren’t particularly bothered by the pressure and therefore don’t let it stress them out too much, however they don’t necessarily do as well in exams as they do in class. The final and third group of people are those who are affected by the pressure extremely easily, worry for weeks leading up to the exam and never do as well as they know they’re able to during the exam. I most definitely fall into the third group of people; I’m not an under achiever, I like to think I’m quite intelligent and I’ve always gotten good grades and met my targets throughout my schooling, however, now I’m in the deadly year of GCSE’s (if you’re not from England and don’t know what they are, they’re a big set of exams you take at the end of your secondary school years when you’re 15/16 years of age) I’m really starting to struggle. I’m letting the stress and pressure of the looming exams really affect me and it’s causing me become very anxious and find it difficult to accept that if I work as hard as I can and revise enough and put the effort in, I can succeed. I’ve been targeted top grades in nearly all of my subjects and it’s starting to dawn on me that I’m really going to have to keep my anxiety and stress levels under control if I have any hope of achieving the high grades my teachers think I’m capable of.

Back in November, just before we broke up for the Christmas holidays we had mock week, probably the most awful week of this school year so far… At the beginning of the week I felt prepared and although I was a little stressed I thought I would be able to handle the exams well and get them all over with successfully. Oh how very wrong I was… I managed the first three exams decently, until it came to the morning of the maths exam, then everything went down hill from there… To cut a long story short I basically had a mini breakdown, had to be pulled out of the maths exam and spent most of the day in tears in my head of years office… It was at this point that I made the promise to myself that with them help of my school and my parents, I would work out how I could help to control my anxiety and stress and prevent anything like this melt down from happening again.

Now, after that very long winded ramble that I like to call the introduction, I’m going to tell you guys how I get to work at suppressing my nerves and keeping the anxiety at bay:

It all begins the day before; I’m extremely lucky in the fact that I attend a school which has excellent pastoral care and if you do too you should most definitely take advantage of that. The day before the exam I go and speak to one of my heads of house and we have a chat about how I’m feeling about the upcoming exam and we’ll talk through all the info about what will happen before and after etc etc. This really helps because it puts me in good spirits about the exam and generally makes me feel far more positive. Then that evening I will really chill out; I have a lovely relaxing bath using the Tisserand bath soak which has aromas that really help me feel calm and are specially designed to relax your muscles, clear your head and get you ready for a good nights sleep.



After my bath I use everything that I mentioned in my Key To A Good Nights Sleep blog post, all of those products help me prepare for a good nights sleep and they also help me to sleep through the night without any disturbances which I think is key the night before a big exam.

On the morning of the exam I make sure I get up in plenty of time to ensure that I’m not in a rush at all and have enough time to organise myself and make sure that I have everything together that I need for the exam. I then make sure I eat a good breakfast! Even though the butterflies in my tummy tend to be building by this point I’m still aware of the fact that it is exceedingly important to eat a good nutritious breakfast which is packed full of energy to help maintain your concentration during the exam and stop your tummy from rumbling and creating mini earthquakes throughout the examination! 

Once Ive finished breakfast I use my Tisserand energy roller ball to give me an extra kick of energy and make me feel alive, awake and ready! These rollerballs are absolutely fantastic, believe it or not they really do work and because they’re so small they’re easy to just pop in your bag and carry around with you so you can top up whenever you need to. The scents of each of the rollerballs are specifically designed to help achieve the energy boost you want. 



Just before I leave the house I use my beloved rescue remedy in two different ways to help maintain my cool; firstly I just put a couple of drops straight onto my tongue and then I also fill up a water bottle with water and drop a few drops in and give it a good shake! I then take this bottle into the exam so I can take small sips if I begin to feel a bit jittery. Rescue remedy works absolute wonders and it’s a product I would recommend above all else if you have a high tendency to get worried and nervous.Image

The other rollerball pictured above is the de-stress rollerball, I use this one just before I have to put my stuff away in preparation to go into the exam. Just like the energy rollerball you simply rub it on your pressure points and you’l instantly be able to smell it and the beautiful combination of essential oils in it work an absolute treat. The great thing about all the products I’ve mentioned is that they’re natural and not harmful in the slightest and THEY ACTUALLY WORK! They’re not just silly herbal remedies that don’t really do much, they do genuinely work wonders.

Of course these products and techniques don’t have to be used specifically for exam stress, you can use them to help keep any type of worry and anxiety under control, I’ve used them whilst in other stressful situations and they work just as effectively.

I hope this post was helpful and useful, I put a lot of thought into it and I promise that this routine really does make a difference and it’s really helped me to keep my exam apprehension and anxiety under control and I hope it works for you guys too!

My New Years Eve 2013 Outfit

I decided to go pretty simple on the clothing side of things for my new years outfit and chucked on this plain black jump suit from Topshop; I rolled up the legs a little because it’s slightly too long for me, but I absolutely love the simplicity of it.


Because the main section of the outfit was so plain I decided to be a little more risky with my makeup and went for a bright pink lip in the form of Illamasqua’s Resist and Barry M’s Shocking Pink on my nails.


Finally, for shoes I decided to whack on my one my favourite pair of heels which are an ancient, yet still madly loved sparkly number from Topshop which I think are perfect for sprucing up any simple outfit.


I quickly want to appoogise for the crappy lighting in these pictures, I got my sister to take them literally seconds before we left the house to go to my aunties for the NYE party she was throwing so we didn’t have time to faff around with lighting and positioning etc. but I still wanted to get this post up for you guys anyway!


Although it’s a bit late now, I hope you guys all had a fabulous new year and I hope that 2014 brings many wonderful moments for you all!

The Key To A Good Nights Sleep

I’ve always struggled with sleeping ever since I was a tiny tot. For some reason I’ve always found it incredibly difficult to get to sleep and I’ll normally wake up at least once during the night. I wouldn’t call myself an insomniac or anything like that, because generally once I am asleep I sleep pretty soundly and providing I get to sleep at a reasonable time, I’m normally not too tired the next morning. However, it’s the getting to sleep in the first place that I struggle with; because I’ve found it difficult to fall asleep for as long I can remember I’ve discovered a few things which help induce sleep for me and I’ve become aware of a few factors which can effect how well or badly I sleep and therefore do my best to avoid them. I know I’m not the only person out there who struggles with sleeping so I thought I’d do this post for you guys explaining how I try and reduce the issues I have with sleeping.



First things first, I’m going to tell you about certain products or ‘devices’ I use to help ease myself off to sleep. I’m not just suggesting these in a slightly whimsical manor, I’m genuinely saying if you have a problem with sleeping you should REALLY consider trying some of these things out because they’ve helped me so, so much.



The first product I would highly recommend are essential, floral scented, calming oils. These can be used in multiple ways and they’re the product I’ve used for the longest and would literally swear by. Initially I only ever used lavender oil; I was a tiny baby the first time my mum ever used it on me and it’s helped ever since. One way of using it is just putting a couple of drops on your pillow and then when you go off to bed you will inhale the scent and it will help relax you and get you off to sleep. In my opinion lavender is a wonderfully calming and reassuring scent, it’s one that I associate with comfort and relaxation and therefore it really helps me drift off to sleep. Recently (well over the past year) I’ve discovered other scents which complement lavender perfectly and are also very soothing. The second oil pictured above is geranium, this is a bit of a stronger scent however, when mixed with the lavender it’s fabulous. I tend to buy most of my oils from Tisserand which is an amazing brand that sells all sorts of aromatherapy products naturally sourced from plants, however, you can find essential oils all over the place, if you don’t have a Tisserand stockiest near you or you don’t really want to pay the slightly higher price for them, Boots also do a small range of oils in their Botanics range. If you continue to read on you’ll hear about a second way I use the oils to help me sleep…



The next product is a rather strange looking one, however it’s one of the best things I’ve bought this year (well, my mums bought this year… hehe), this is a product which is also from Tisserand and it’s called the aroma stream aromatherapy diffuser. When my mum first bought this odd looking machine home and told me she thought it would help me, I looked a bit puzzled. However, after she explained how to use it and we tested it out she was 100% correct. The clues in the name, it diffuses the scents from aromatherapy oils out into your room and makes it smell absolutely amazing. Theres a little contraption that twists off on the bottom in which your drop the oils into, then once you screw it back on and turn on the diffuser it gets to work.


I use the combination of lavender and geranium in my diffuser and as I said before they complement each other perfectly and create the most soothing and calming atmosphere. I tend to put my diffuser on about half an hour or so before I get into bed so by the time I plan to head off to sleep my room is already smelling amazing, I then leave it on through the night so my room continues to smell beautifully and I also think having it on throughout the night helps me stay asleep and not wake up, which is super helpful. I then just switch it off when I get up in the morning and repeat the routine again in the evening.



The penultimate thing I want to tell you guys about is the rescue night spray from Bach. I’m sure a lot of you will have heard of rescue remedy (I’ll be talking about it in another post coming up soon!), well this product is a variation of the original and AH-MAZING rescue remedy formula. The night spray is specially formulated to help you sleep well. I love Bach Remedies because just like Tisserand all of their products are made from entirely natural ingredients but work just as effectively as the average sleeping pill you would get from your doctor but are so much better for you. This spray is so easy to use; you just put a few spritzes on your tongue about five minuets before you go off to sleep and you’re sorted. It’s a slightly odd flavour but after having used it for quite a few years now I can assure you it works wonders.



The last thing I’m going to mention isn’t really a product, however, for me it’s an essential part to drifting off to sleep. I think the best way to send your self off to sleep is to snuggle into bed with your diffuser on and stick your nose into a book. I’m currently reading Enduring Love by Ian McEwan which I must say isn’t the most relaxing bedtime read (I’ll put a book review up once I’m done!), however I don’t think it much matters what you’re reading really. I use reading before bed as something to help me wind down and relax no matter what book I’ve currently reading. I must say though, the minute you feel your eyes become slightly heavy and drowsiness starts to kick in PUT THE BOOK DOWN! Don’t ignore the fact that you’re becoming sleepy and continue reading just because you’re at a really intense part of the book, save it for the following day and head off to the land of nod!

Finally, I think it’s important to touch on the fact that even if you use all of these products and techniques you may still not get a super nights sleep and this can be for many reasons, the most prominent probably being because there are other things going on in your life which may be stressful and time consuming and these things will be whizzing round in your mind and make it difficult for you to relax and unwind. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to get rid of this feeling, however just try your best to avoid stressful situations where possible and set aside time to unwind and calm yourself before you go off to sleep to increase your chances of nodding off and making it through the night.

I hope this post was informative and helpful to some of you!

Currently Loving – Into The Gloss

I haven’t done a ‘currently loving’ in a while and I thought it would be a good thing to do to ease me back into blogging, so here goes:

Into The Gloss has been on my currently loving list for a while now, probably for about six months, however, I never got round to telling you guys about it. It’s highly likely that a lot of you will have already heard of it because I reckon it’s one of the biggest online ‘beauty blogs’ in the bloggsphere. 

It’s unlike others in the fact that it’s run more like a magazine than a blog; it’s beautifully and simply put together and isn’t cluttered or overworked in the slightest.

Into The Gloss was founded by Emily Weiss in September 2010 and has grown bigger and bigger each year since. She now has a group of other individuals who run the site with her, however she still has a huge part to play as creative director of the blog and her style of writing it wonderfully engaging and interesting. Unlike most other beauty blogs they put a new spin on posts and approach them in a very sophisticated manor. 

You can instantly sense the amount of effort that’s put into the blog; the majority of posts include images from photo shoots and multiple posts are published each day. Their most famous being “the top shelf’, which focuses on an individual and gives a quick overview of their life and mentions their favourite products etc. The individuals can range from men to women, from models to writers and whether you’re aware of who the person on ‘the top shelf’ is or not, they’re exceptionally well written and engaging which encourages you to read on an  find out more about them.

You guys should definitely go and check it out and I’m sure you’ll begin to love it as much as me!

A Big Goodbye

As I’m sure the majority of you have heard, Nelson Mandela died in his home town of Johannesburg late last night.

Mandela’s journey isn’t one which i’ve ever really followed or researched in much detail, however, just like the most of us, I’m aware of some of his greatest achievements and the amazing and at sometimes shockingly horrific life he lived. I wasn’t planning on doing a blog post today, however I felt as though I wanted to write a short something to add to the hundreds of other goodbyes that Mandela is receiving.

He was one of those few people in the world who had a presence so strong and so captivating that their voices never need to be raised and violence never needs to be used in order to capture the attention of man kind. He was one of the most powerful men throughout the whole of history and his life story is like no other. I sometimes wonder how a man who spent twenty seven years of his life in prison managed to stay not only sane, but awe inspiring and live to the grand age of ninety five.

I like to think that Nelson Mandela died a peaceful and content death; I hope he was aware of the impact he has had on our world and realises that he will never be forgotten and will remain an integral part of history in general, but more specifically African history.

ImageNelson Mandela, 1918-2013


Galavanting In Greece #2 & Outfit Of The Day

This morning we woke up rather early and there was a definite chill in the air and slight breeze so I’ve worn an outfit which provides a little more warmth. Having said that it’s by no means cold! We decided to wonder down to the town for some breakfast and a mooch about the shops and I’m currently sitting in a Café writing this post, before I go any further take a peek at my outfit!:


Shirt – Zara, Jeans – Topshop, Sandals – Mini Boden (a very very long time ago!)



I did say it was breezy!


Sunglasses – Topshop


Lipstick – NARS Pure Matte Lipstick In Montego Bay

The town really is looking especially pretty today, just take a look at this view:


Look how picturesque it is! We’re going swimming in a beautiful turquoise blue lagoon once we’re done with breakfast so pictures of that will either be coming later or tomorrow!