Review- Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Polishes

ImageSince they were released I’ve picked up a couple of the Barry M Hi-Shine polishes and I have to say I like them rather a lot! They’re supposed to have a far more shiny finish than your average nail polish and I think they do the job nicely! Because they’re Barry M they’re not expensive whatsoever, in fact they’re a complete and utter bargin’ at £3.99 each! Another bonus is that they come in a huge range of colours  including light and dark tones and new ones are constantly being released in different collections; a pastel collection has recently come out and I’m most definitely getting my hands on a couple of the bad boys in that because they look mighty fine! Yet another thing I really love about them is they dry so quickly and last for a good amount of time as long as you apply a decent top coat! My only bug-bare with them is that they have a rather gloopy consistency compared to most nail varnishes, so when you’re applying the second coat it can often get a little messy, but aside from that I think they’re fab!


My favorite is Watermelon; I think it’s quite an unusual colour for a nail varnish, but once it’s on it looks so good and is a super versatile colour that goes with a ton of different outfits!


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