Revlon Nearly Naked Founation


This is mostly definitely one of, if not thee, most hyped about ‘drugstore’ foundation of the moment and I can safely say it’s most certainly worth the hype!


I take the shade: shell 103, I think it may possibly be a little dark for me, but the one lighter than this, is too pale, so I settled for the darker of the two. It’s most definitely a light to medium coverage foundation and I would say it’s almost verging on being more like a tinted moisturizer rather than a foundation, but that’s exactly what I love about it! I hate feeling like I actually have a load of foundation on my face and much prefer something light which makes a difference to the appearance of my skin and does it’s job well, without weighing it down and this little bottle achieves that perfectly!


The image above is me without a scrap of makeup on whatsoever and as you can see I’ve been having a little trouble with breakouts lately, however if you look at the image below, in which I have the Nearly Naked on, it’s clear that it helps cover the redness and prominence of the blemishes without looking horrible and cakey (excuse the slightly annoying wispy bits of hair, I’d just got out of the bath and my hair was in the process of drying and became a tad to fluffy for my liking!).


The only annoying thing about this foundation isn’t with the actual product itself, but with the bottle, THERE IS NO PUMP! I don’t understand why companies design bottles without pumps! It just means you end up wasting product when you use it! Also is it only me that thinks this foundation has a slightly odd smell? I’m rather fussy and sensitive when it comes to scents so it may be nothing at all, but I’m definitely getting a wiff of something slightly strange. However that will not put me off using it at all, I think it’s a fab product and I definitely recommend it! Lastly thankyou to much twin Hattie for taking the pictures featured in this post, you can follow her on twitter – Hattie_Evans14!


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