A Little Bottle With A Lot To Say…


I know the hype around Bioderma is insane and everyone has been going on about it non-stop for months and even more so now it has recently arrived in a select few places in the UK.

However, normally you see/read people going on about the pink bottled Sensibio H20 version of this lifesaving liquid (well maybe not lifesaving, but definitely skin-saving!) but a few weeks ago I decided to branch out and purchase the green bottled Sebium H20 version of the stuff and OMFG, we needed to just take a moment to appreciate how much of a miracle worker this stuff this is. Don’t get me wrong the sensibo formulation is absolutely fab and is an amazing make up remover/ cleanser, however this bad boy takes it to a whole new level.

Specifically designed for oily/ combination skin (which I have been unfortunately blessed with) it really targets pores; clearing them of all the yucky grime which goes on to cause blackheads and blemishes. I know you’re probably thinking ‘that’s exactly what all the other products out there promise to do and very few of them actually live up to it’ but I promise you, this stuff actually works! I’m not saying that it will completely clear every single black head and spot from your face and leave you with basically a whole new face of lovely clear skin, but I am saying it will work wonders on decreasing the build up of sebum which causes the horrible nasties to appear on our skin.

I recommend this, along with the Bioderma Sensibo H20 so so so much, it has taken a very prominant place in my skincare routine; I use it morning and night to refresh my skin and remove my makeup. Take the plunge and you’ll see what I’m going crazy about!

Lastly as i mentioned above, Bioderma is slowly starting to make it’s way over to stores in the UK and I think the best place to buy it is Zest Pharmacy on Broadwick Street in London, that shop is a haven for any skin care lover! You can either buy it in store or order of their website here.


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