Topshop Eye Crayon – Marble


Everyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely adore Topshop, especially their makeup… Every single item I have ever bought from their range has never disappointed me, I love it ALL!

The latest edition to my Topshop makeup stash is this beautiful eye pencil in the shade ‘marble’. I love the creamy smoothness of their eye pencils, so when I locked eyes on this bad boy, it was love at first sight, and I couldn’t resist.


Marble is beautiful shimmery colour, it looks rose gold when it’s in the stick, but once you put it on it comes out as a subtle silver, which you get then build up to make more gold and intense. The thing I love about these eye pencils most is the fact that they can be used anywhere around the eye region; you can apply them just along your waterline for a subtle shine when the light catches you, you can apply them all over the lid and then blend them out or you can apply just on the inside of your eye, to highlight and brighten the area.

The only downside is that if you don’t apply a good eye primer first they will crease quite a lot, but aside from that I think they’re fab and I wear them all the time if I’m stuck for eyedeas (did you see what I did there 😉 .


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