Topshop Lipstick- Innocent


As I think everyone and their mother knows, I ADORE Topshop makeup, especially their lipsticks, so when I saw this beautiful shade I couldn’t resist…

I’m not a big lover of the colour pink; never have been and probably never will be, so it was quite unusual that I was drawn to this particular lipstick, because, quite obviously it’s pink. However if you look below you can see from the picture that once it’s applied to the lips, it settles nicely and isn’t at all over powering or ‘in your face’ like I find a lot of pink lipsticks are.


I believe it’s ever so slightly slightly similar to Mac’s Snob, the reason for this is because it has a tint of lavender running through it and this can be seen very subtly when the product is on the lips. I have to say, I think this lipstick is really wonderful and because it’s a beautiful spring colour it has been one of my ‘go to’ shades over the past couple of weeks and I’m sure it will continue to be over the next few months!


It’s not at all drying or sticky and it applies easily, I believe it will also suit rather a wide range of skin tones because of it’s natural and rather subtle appearance. I would definitely recommend this lipstick and ALLLLLLLLLL the rest of the Topshop makeup, oh and if you want it, you should probably go and buy it soon because Topshop are a bit pooey when it comes to how long they keep their products out for, they seem to only be around for a few months and then they’re discontinued! 😦 But aside from that, they’re fab!



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