Tisserand Tea Tree Wash

ImageI’ve had this product in my skin care stash for a few weeks now and it’s taken me  a bit of time to decide whether I like it or not, however I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I do like it, a lot!

This tea tree wash is a complete multi purpose product, it can be used on hands as a soap, face, as a daily wash and body, as a body wash. I adore Tisserand products, not only because they all live up to their claims (or the ones that I’ve tried do!) and work wonderfully but also because they smell DIVINE! The clues in the name with the scent of this product, it is of course tea tree, but it has lovely musky undertones and slight camomille notes to it, which just makes it all the more wonderful. Tisserand products are also all natural and contain no nasties, which is a bonus!

I’ve been keeping it in my shower and using it all over my body, I take about five pumps and I use a long handled body scrubbing brush so I’m able to use it all over my back as well. It lathers up well and so five pumps should be enough for your whole body, and then you just rinse it off!

The reason it took me such a long time to decide whether it was for me or not, is because it takes rather a long time to show results; it claims to assit with the unclogging of pours and helping get rid of any grimeyness from body products used etc. and it does, but only after some persistance usage! So stick with it and you will see results!

I hope you’e all enjoying the sunny weather that we’ve finally been granted and having a good weekend!


x x x


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