Start Of Something New…

I think it’s pretty obvious that I’ve been absent from blogging for a while and that isn’t for any other reason aside from the fact that I got bored! Don’t get me wrong I do love all things beauty and I really enjoyed writing about it for a while, however I have rather a small attention span and I lost interest pretty quickly, but, that doesn’t mean I lost interest in blogging completely, I just wanted to try something different! So I’ve slightly drifted from the beauty niche and I’ve decided that instead of assigning a certain theme to my blog I’m just going to play it by ear and blog about anything and everything that’s interesting me or that I have the urge to write about.

I absolutely adore writing, English literature has been my favourite subject at school for as long as I can remember and along with my array of ambitious plans for the future lies a dream of studying English lit at Oxford, so I want this blog to be more focused on the writing and include topical posts about things which people wouldn’t expect to see on the blog of a fifteen year old… I’d just like to let you know I love biology, chemistry, drama and philosophy and ethics, just to mention a few (yes I’m rather a geek and most of the time I actually enjoy school) , so maybe that gives an idea of the certain things I may include on here, what can I say, I said it would be a bit of everything!

Having said all that, it doesn’t mean there’s never going to be another beauty post, I assure you there probably will be! But they’ll just be popping up in amongst a diverse range of other topics!

I hope you guys enjoy my new take on this blog!

Connie x


And to finish here’s a cute picture of me and my cousins on holiday in summer! Hehehe


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