Where Did My Love of Writing Begin?…

I think to a certain extent I was born with a natural love of writing, however there are definitely things in my life which have helped me further my love; my mum has worked in magazines ever since she left Art School, mostly in lifestyle; House Beautiful and Good Housekeeping to name a couple, but she is currently the editor of Country Living and has been since before I was born, the reason I’m telling you all of this is because I think having grown up in a home piled high with Nat Mags (National Magazine Company) and Condé Nast publications of all sorts, I became an inquisitive glossy page reader form a young age. I know the majority of the Country Living office by name and I guess that shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering I’ve been going to the office with my Mumma ever since I can remember, therefore having been immersed in a world of writing and publishing since forever I’ve developed rather a strong love for writing.


A second impact on my love for writing has come from English lessons; ever since I began having proper English lessons at school, I’ve had a love affair with literature, ohh it’s a beautiful thing. I can’t exactly pin point why I love English literature so much, but I just know that I do, an awful lot! It’s a subject I look forward to every week, it’s a subject which just genuinely excites me (is that really pathetic? Maybe it is, but it’s true!) It definitely helps if you have an inspiring teacher, I’m lucky enough to have the most wonderful teacher in world, honestly she’s brilliant. My mum always used to tell me a story about a teacher of hers that she had in secondary school; he taught her Latin, firstly, my mum hated Latin and secondly according to her he was the scariest, most horrible teacher shed ever had in her life, or so she thought… But it just so happened that when she went into the sixth form at her school she got her timetable and saw that he also taught ancient history and she had the pleasure of him being her teacher, her first thought was that of dread and total despair (my mother was and still is quite the drama queen…) however, from the fist lesson to the last, she realised that this man was the complete opposite of what she had initially thought, he was a man who was so passionate about his subject and wanted to share that passion and love with his pupils, of which my mother was of course one. She came to the conclusion that he most probably loathed Latin just as much as she did, but adored ancient history as much as she did, therefore she thrived in his lessons and had mentioned her in many a speech. It just proves that a subject can be made so much better if you’re being taught by someone who loves it as much as you, and I am lucky enough to being doing exactly that.

Lastly, my love was also developed by books, it’s so average and cliché, but they really did and still do have a big part to play in my adoration of writing, I’ve been reading since I was a teeny tiny little thing, and it’s one of those things which I’m pretty certain I will never ever get bored of, and if an English lit degree is on the cards let’s hope I don’t eh!

To conclude, I think love for certain subjects can be something your blessed with at birth, however there will always be things that continue to fuel that love throughout your life.


Connie x


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