Sunday Snippet #1 – ‘Selfies’ – Even The Pope Is Partial To A Quick One


Image courtesy of google images- not my own

This is the first Sunday snippet and it’s all about the ‘selfie’. According to the Urban Dictionary (unfortunately the term is yet to reach the pages of a Collins or Oxford) a selfie is ‘A strange phenomenon in which the photographer is also the subject of the photograph, in a subversive twist on the traditional understanding of the photograph. Usually conducted because the subject cannot locate a suitable photographer to take the photo, like a friend.’… And let’s not lie we’ve all taken one, I for one can admit I am guilty of being an avid selfie taker but I do hope it’s not because I’m lacking in the friend department! And now the Pope has joined us on the selfie craze!

This event is yet another example of how laid back Pope Francis is and he’s taking a far more modern approach to his title. The ‘selfie’ was taken at a gathering at St Peter’s Basilica, where Pope Francis announced that he wanted to meet more young Catholics. During the gathering a few of teenagers asked to have a picture with the Pope and on acceptance dived straight in for the selfie (pictured above) !

Not only is this event rather humours but I believe it’s also a rather prominent example of how our world is constantly changing in order to keep up to date with the modern goings on and if the Pope is up for a selfie then there’s no excuse for anyone else not to be!


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