Currently Loving – Harrow: A Very British School

Every now and then you may notice a ‘currently loving’ post pop up on the blog, they’re just going to be short pieces about something I’m currently really enjoying. Whether that be a certain food, item of clothing, book, tv program or musician!

On today’s currently loving menu is a television program that goes by the name of Harrow: A Very British School. I think the majority of us know at least a little bit about Harrow; the boarding school I’m outer London that provided education to the likes of Winston Churchill and Benedict Cumberbatch. The program mostly follows the lives of the ‘shells’ (fourteen year old first years) that board at West Acre boarding house as they navigate their way around. I fallen particularly in love with Andreas (pictured on the far right), a music scholar who takes a very laid back approach to his life at Harrow and is rather adorable if I may say!

Not only is the program entertaining, but it also gives an interesting insight into how a classic boarding school functions and how the history of the school has impacted on the boys that attend it in the 21st century.


Harrow: A Very British School is on Sky 1 at eight o’clock on Thursdays!


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