Vogue Young Writers Competition

The Vogue young writers competition has been running for over sixty years and it’s a fabulous opportunity for aspiring writers under the age of twenty five to display their work. Many journalists have gotten their careers off the ground after entering the contest and multiple entrants have gone on to become members of the Vogue team.

Two years ago in 2011 I decided to take the plunge and enter the contest for myself, at the age of just twelve. The criteria for the year in which I entered was as follows:

In order to enter you must complete all the following sections,
1. Write about a personal memory. This could be a memoir of an extraordinary experience, place or person, or simply something that resonated deeply. (800 words)

2. Write a shirt feature article- a contemporary cultural review or an examination of a fashion trend. (500 words)

3. Write an opinion piece of polemic. This could be about a person or on current affairs or social issues. (500 words)

I’ve decided that over the next few days I’m going to upload my entries because I came across them the other day and had a read through and although my writing has most definitely improved since I wrote them, they are three pieces of writing which I spent an awful long time on and put a great deal of effort into and there am very proud of, so I hope you guys enjoy reading them!

I didn’t make it to the final or anything like that, but at the age of twelve I really wasn’t expecting to! I did it for myself, because I wanted to and because I really enjoy writing! However I did receive a letter from Alexandra Shulman who is the editor of British Vogue and she congratulated me on my entires and said she particularly enjoyed my memoir and for me that was all the gratification I needed. And who knows maybe I’ll enter again one year!

Connie x


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