Catwalk Protestors – Sunday Snippet

A Sunday snippet on a Monday? Outrage! I hear you cry! Unfortunately I had a very hectic day yesterday and was unable to do my usual posts, but because I think this weeks snippet is very interesting and rather a topical story I wanted to make sure I got it up for you guys to read…

During the PFW Nina Ricci show in Tuileries gardens on Friday two protestors from the group Femen burst out onto the catwalk during model Hollie May Saker’s star moment and attempted to prevent her from completing her walk. The two women were completely naked on their top halves and had scrawled slogans in black marker pen across their chests.

The protestors are from the Ukrainian feminist group Femen who claim to fight for all things feminist and are well known for causing disruption during fashion events because they claim that the model industry abuses women and objectifies them.

Model Saker was said to extremely angry and completely outraged at the situation and tweeted multiple messages of frustration following the end of the show.

What are you views on the fashion industry? Is it a negative industry for women? I myself would like to say I support feminist ideals, however I believe that the fashion industry is an extremely important part of our culture and economy and yes, in the past it has been known to abuse the young models that become a part of it, however in the current day most are looked after well and supported by the designers they walk for.


What are you thoughts on this event?

Connie x


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