Currently Loving – Criminal Minds

I’ve always been partial to a good crime series or documentary even though I end up having nightmares for weeks after watching them…

Recently I’ve delved into the world of Criminal Minds and let me tell you now, there’s no going back. I’d heard tons of great things about it from loads of people but never really jumped onto the band wagon until last weekend, I was pretty bored with not much but homework to do and of course I was looking for something to aid my procrastination and help me avoid my homework at all costs, so after a flick through netflix’s recommendations for me (it knows me too well) I decided to give Criminal Minds a go.

To sum it up in a sentence or two, it’s a series about the behavioural analysis unit within the FBI; it follows the team as they investigate and delve into the minds of the biggest serial killers. It’s ah-maze-ing! I think it’s acted really really well (and trust me I’m bloomin’ critical when it comes to acting!) and one of the things I love most about it is that the scenarios are pretty realistic; they’re not completely over the top and really unlikely, they actually make sense.

You’re constantly kept guessing as to what will happen next and I think it’s similar to something like Sherlock (oh how I do love a bit of Benedict Cumberbach…) in the way that every single little intricate detail has been thought through and makes it all seem so much more exciting and tense. You never know quite how the investigation is going to end up and it’s just brilliant!

There is an interesting range of characters; you have the classic crime fighting ones and then there’s a genius who was a child prodigy and at the age of just twenty four knows more than most of us put together, he has a special soft spot in my heart… And then of course there’s the top dawg who just seems to be able piece together absolutely anything and everything and always saves the day.

Basically, you should all just go and watch it because it’s fab!

Connie x


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