I’m Going On Holiday!

On monday morning, at the ludacris time of five o’clock in the morning I’m heading off to Heathrow to jump on a flight to Greece! 

I’m having mixed thoughts as to whether I’m excited to go or would prefer to be staying at home; I know that sounds crazy and you’re probably thinking ‘how could you not be excited about going on holiday?!’, but I have my reasons…

In year eleven, at school, the month of November means just one thing and one thing only, MOCKS… dun dun duhhhhhhhh! From the moment we get back to school to the end of november, or even up to december really, we have constant controlled assessments, exams and mock exams and to put it simply; I’m dreading it. This means that the majority of my holiday will be spent revising. I guess I should count my lucky stars that I’m revising under the sun and by the beach in Greece, whilst most of my friends will be stuck in rainy England, however a part of me wishes I was staying in England. I find it far easier to revise in an environment which is familiar to me like my own home.

However, having said all of the above, I am happy to be going away; the past week / two weeks or so have been really difficult for me, I’m not quite sure why, but I’ve just had one of those weeks where I feel like I could burst out crying at any moment (and I have…) and nothing seems to be going exactly how I want it to, but I’m trying to keep positive; I got some good results back at the end of this week which made me feel a little more happy about things and hopefully by doing the mammoth amount of revision that I’m planning to do on holiday, there are more good grades to come!

The main point I wanted to make, is that I’m going to stay in a house on one of the Greek islands (I have no idea which one…) and there is no internet… That could be seen as a positive or a negative, at the moment I’m definitely seeing the negatives, however, where my revision and reading is concerned no internet for a week will be brilliant, a break from the web world may just be what I need. This does of course mean that I don’t know if I’m going to be able to post frequently on here, like I had hoped. I wanted to keep you guys updated with the goings on of my holiday and I was planning on doing some outfit of the day posts etc etc. But those plans might just be scuppered if I’m unable to get any access to the internet. Apparently there are a lot of internet cafes and places with wi-fi in the local town, but I don’t know for definite. I will try my hardest to at least get a couple of posts up and if I’m unable to do that, I’ll be bombarding you all with them the minuet I touch back down in Blighty! 

I hope you guys have a fabulous week!


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