A Big Goodbye

As I’m sure the majority of you have heard, Nelson Mandela died in his home town of Johannesburg late last night.

Mandela’s journey isn’t one which i’ve ever really followed or researched in much detail, however, just like the most of us, I’m aware of some of his greatest achievements and the amazing and at sometimes shockingly horrific life he lived. I wasn’t planning on doing a blog post today, however I felt as though I wanted to write a short something to add to the hundreds of other goodbyes that Mandela is receiving.

He was one of those few people in the world who had a presence so strong and so captivating that their voices never need to be raised and violence never needs to be used in order to capture the attention of man kind. He was one of the most powerful men throughout the whole of history and his life story is like no other. I sometimes wonder how a man who spent twenty seven years of his life in prison managed to stay not only sane, but awe inspiring and live to the grand age of ninety five.

I like to think that Nelson Mandela died a peaceful and content death; I hope he was aware of the impact he has had on our world and realises that he will never be forgotten and will remain an integral part of history in general, but more specifically African history.

ImageNelson Mandela, 1918-2013



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