Currently Loving – Into The Gloss

I haven’t done a ‘currently loving’ in a while and I thought it would be a good thing to do to ease me back into blogging, so here goes:

Into The Gloss has been on my currently loving list for a while now, probably for about six months, however, I never got round to telling you guys about it. It’s highly likely that a lot of you will have already heard of it because I reckon it’s one of the biggest online ‘beauty blogs’ in the bloggsphere. 

It’s unlike others in the fact that it’s run more like a magazine than a blog; it’s beautifully and simply put together and isn’t cluttered or overworked in the slightest.

Into The Gloss was founded by Emily Weiss in September 2010 and has grown bigger and bigger each year since. She now has a group of other individuals who run the site with her, however she still has a huge part to play as creative director of the blog and her style of writing it wonderfully engaging and interesting. Unlike most other beauty blogs they put a new spin on posts and approach them in a very sophisticated manor. 

You can instantly sense the amount of effort that’s put into the blog; the majority of posts include images from photo shoots and multiple posts are published each day. Their most famous being “the top shelf’, which focuses on an individual and gives a quick overview of their life and mentions their favourite products etc. The individuals can range from men to women, from models to writers and whether you’re aware of who the person on ‘the top shelf’ is or not, they’re exceptionally well written and engaging which encourages you to read on an  find out more about them.

You guys should definitely go and check it out and I’m sure you’ll begin to love it as much as me!


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