The Key To A Good Nights Sleep

I’ve always struggled with sleeping ever since I was a tiny tot. For some reason I’ve always found it incredibly difficult to get to sleep and I’ll normally wake up at least once during the night. I wouldn’t call myself an insomniac or anything like that, because generally once I am asleep I sleep pretty soundly and providing I get to sleep at a reasonable time, I’m normally not too tired the next morning. However, it’s the getting to sleep in the first place that I struggle with; because I’ve found it difficult to fall asleep for as long I can remember I’ve discovered a few things which help induce sleep for me and I’ve become aware of a few factors which can effect how well or badly I sleep and therefore do my best to avoid them. I know I’m not the only person out there who struggles with sleeping so I thought I’d do this post for you guys explaining how I try and reduce the issues I have with sleeping.



First things first, I’m going to tell you about certain products or ‘devices’ I use to help ease myself off to sleep. I’m not just suggesting these in a slightly whimsical manor, I’m genuinely saying if you have a problem with sleeping you should REALLY consider trying some of these things out because they’ve helped me so, so much.



The first product I would highly recommend are essential, floral scented, calming oils. These can be used in multiple ways and they’re the product I’ve used for the longest and would literally swear by. Initially I only ever used lavender oil; I was a tiny baby the first time my mum ever used it on me and it’s helped ever since. One way of using it is just putting a couple of drops on your pillow and then when you go off to bed you will inhale the scent and it will help relax you and get you off to sleep. In my opinion lavender is a wonderfully calming and reassuring scent, it’s one that I associate with comfort and relaxation and therefore it really helps me drift off to sleep. Recently (well over the past year) I’ve discovered other scents which complement lavender perfectly and are also very soothing. The second oil pictured above is geranium, this is a bit of a stronger scent however, when mixed with the lavender it’s fabulous. I tend to buy most of my oils from Tisserand which is an amazing brand that sells all sorts of aromatherapy products naturally sourced from plants, however, you can find essential oils all over the place, if you don’t have a Tisserand stockiest near you or you don’t really want to pay the slightly higher price for them, Boots also do a small range of oils in their Botanics range. If you continue to read on you’ll hear about a second way I use the oils to help me sleep…



The next product is a rather strange looking one, however it’s one of the best things I’ve bought this year (well, my mums bought this year… hehe), this is a product which is also from Tisserand and it’s called the aroma stream aromatherapy diffuser. When my mum first bought this odd looking machine home and told me she thought it would help me, I looked a bit puzzled. However, after she explained how to use it and we tested it out she was 100% correct. The clues in the name, it diffuses the scents from aromatherapy oils out into your room and makes it smell absolutely amazing. Theres a little contraption that twists off on the bottom in which your drop the oils into, then once you screw it back on and turn on the diffuser it gets to work.


I use the combination of lavender and geranium in my diffuser and as I said before they complement each other perfectly and create the most soothing and calming atmosphere. I tend to put my diffuser on about half an hour or so before I get into bed so by the time I plan to head off to sleep my room is already smelling amazing, I then leave it on through the night so my room continues to smell beautifully and I also think having it on throughout the night helps me stay asleep and not wake up, which is super helpful. I then just switch it off when I get up in the morning and repeat the routine again in the evening.



The penultimate thing I want to tell you guys about is the rescue night spray from Bach. I’m sure a lot of you will have heard of rescue remedy (I’ll be talking about it in another post coming up soon!), well this product is a variation of the original and AH-MAZING rescue remedy formula. The night spray is specially formulated to help you sleep well. I love Bach Remedies because just like Tisserand all of their products are made from entirely natural ingredients but work just as effectively as the average sleeping pill you would get from your doctor but are so much better for you. This spray is so easy to use; you just put a few spritzes on your tongue about five minuets before you go off to sleep and you’re sorted. It’s a slightly odd flavour but after having used it for quite a few years now I can assure you it works wonders.



The last thing I’m going to mention isn’t really a product, however, for me it’s an essential part to drifting off to sleep. I think the best way to send your self off to sleep is to snuggle into bed with your diffuser on and stick your nose into a book. I’m currently reading Enduring Love by Ian McEwan which I must say isn’t the most relaxing bedtime read (I’ll put a book review up once I’m done!), however I don’t think it much matters what you’re reading really. I use reading before bed as something to help me wind down and relax no matter what book I’ve currently reading. I must say though, the minute you feel your eyes become slightly heavy and drowsiness starts to kick in PUT THE BOOK DOWN! Don’t ignore the fact that you’re becoming sleepy and continue reading just because you’re at a really intense part of the book, save it for the following day and head off to the land of nod!

Finally, I think it’s important to touch on the fact that even if you use all of these products and techniques you may still not get a super nights sleep and this can be for many reasons, the most prominent probably being because there are other things going on in your life which may be stressful and time consuming and these things will be whizzing round in your mind and make it difficult for you to relax and unwind. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to get rid of this feeling, however just try your best to avoid stressful situations where possible and set aside time to unwind and calm yourself before you go off to sleep to increase your chances of nodding off and making it through the night.

I hope this post was informative and helpful to some of you!


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