My New Years Eve 2013 Outfit

I decided to go pretty simple on the clothing side of things for my new years outfit and chucked on this plain black jump suit from Topshop; I rolled up the legs a little because it’s slightly too long for me, but I absolutely love the simplicity of it.


Because the main section of the outfit was so plain I decided to be a little more risky with my makeup and went for a bright pink lip in the form of Illamasqua’s Resist and Barry M’s Shocking Pink on my nails.


Finally, for shoes I decided to whack on my one my favourite pair of heels which are an ancient, yet still madly loved sparkly number from Topshop which I think are perfect for sprucing up any simple outfit.


I quickly want to appoogise for the crappy lighting in these pictures, I got my sister to take them literally seconds before we left the house to go to my aunties for the NYE party she was throwing so we didn’t have time to faff around with lighting and positioning etc. but I still wanted to get this post up for you guys anyway!


Although it’s a bit late now, I hope you guys all had a fabulous new year and I hope that 2014 brings many wonderful moments for you all!


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