Hello Again!

Hello again all!

I’ve retuned from an extremely long hiatus which has lasted over a year but now I’m back! Before I begin I want to warn you guys that I have no idea how consistent I will be over the next few months up until summer because I have the horror of AS level exams looming over me which begin in exactly 28 days (er ma gawd, I want to cry at the thought of that…), however I recently had an overwhelming urge to return to the blogging scene and so I am doing so!

I’m completely redesigning the blog as you can probably see already from the new layout (I hope you like it!) and taking a completely different stance with my content. I’ve come to the conclusion that this blog is my space and I am free to put whatever I want on it. I’ve also realised that I no longer need to try and blog like anyone else or in the same style as anyone else just because their blog is very popular and gets a tonne of views. With that in mind, my blog is no longer going to have a theme of beauty or fashion or lifestyle or anything¬†else for that matter! It’s going to contain whatever I fancy! I have some exciting trips lined up in the summer which I’m super super super excited about (mostly a trip to Paris in August!) and so I will most definitely be doing an array of travel posts. On top of that I have in mind a few ideas regarding more diary style posts which won’t necessarily be daily, but possibly weekly, which will just let you guys know what kind of things I’ve been getting up to!

I also have a lot more ideas but I’ll keep them a secret for now so you lot have something to look forward to!

I’ll leave you with a recent picture of me (well the side of me!) taken as the sun was setting in the beautiful Hampshire countryside a few weekends ago.


I must get back to revision now, but I’m so excited to be back up and running!

Connie x x x


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