Galavanting In Greece #1 & Outfit Of The Day

We woke up a a little more of a reasonable time this morning and kicked off the day with breakfast on the balcony and I’m pretty proud to be able to say that I also did some revision and my maths homework (pat on the back for Connie!).

We them hung around at the house for a bit and got ready before heading off into the town for some coffee, this is what I wore:


Trousers – Topshop, Top – Topshop, Shoes- Mini Boden (very very old!) Sunglasses – Topshop





Eyeshadow – NARS All About Eve Duo

The weather was truly beautiful, the sun was shining and the water looked bluer and more inviting than ever!


There’s more to come on the days events later!


Outfit Of The Night – Greece #1

Yes, it is now our second night out in Greece now, however, last nights meal wasn’t especially nice and I was so tired that I didn’t even bother changing out of the clothes I wore on the plane! The restaurant we went to wasn’t very nice either and it wouldn’t have been worth blogging about!

However tonight we went out to a lovely restaurant called Omilos and this is what I wore!:


Top & skirt – Zara , Sandals – Office , Sunglasses – Topshop




Lipstick – Illamasqua, Resist


And to top off the evening there was an AMAZING sun set, just take a look at this bad boy!:



I’ll have another post up for you tomorrow with more pictures of the island during the day!

Connie x

I Have Wi-fi!

We landed in Greece and got to the island, Hydra, where we’re staying late last night, it was the horrible thing where you arrive at where you’re staying late at night and everything seems crap and you want to go straight back home and crawl into your own bed (or is it only me that feels like that?). We then went out for dinner and then went back and went straight to bed.
There isn’t wi-fi at the House we’re staying in, however there is wi-fi everyone in cafés and such down in the main town, so I’ll be spending an awful lot of time down here!

I will be doing a proper blog post about yesterday’s events, arriving and what not and today’s events later on this evening and will then try and post them either tonight or tomorrow! There will then be following posts for each day as it comes!

The posts will contain lots of beautiful images of the island and the things we get up to so keep your eyes peeled!

I’m Going On Holiday!

On monday morning, at the ludacris time of five o’clock in the morning I’m heading off to Heathrow to jump on a flight to Greece! 

I’m having mixed thoughts as to whether I’m excited to go or would prefer to be staying at home; I know that sounds crazy and you’re probably thinking ‘how could you not be excited about going on holiday?!’, but I have my reasons…

In year eleven, at school, the month of November means just one thing and one thing only, MOCKS… dun dun duhhhhhhhh! From the moment we get back to school to the end of november, or even up to december really, we have constant controlled assessments, exams and mock exams and to put it simply; I’m dreading it. This means that the majority of my holiday will be spent revising. I guess I should count my lucky stars that I’m revising under the sun and by the beach in Greece, whilst most of my friends will be stuck in rainy England, however a part of me wishes I was staying in England. I find it far easier to revise in an environment which is familiar to me like my own home.

However, having said all of the above, I am happy to be going away; the past week / two weeks or so have been really difficult for me, I’m not quite sure why, but I’ve just had one of those weeks where I feel like I could burst out crying at any moment (and I have…) and nothing seems to be going exactly how I want it to, but I’m trying to keep positive; I got some good results back at the end of this week which made me feel a little more happy about things and hopefully by doing the mammoth amount of revision that I’m planning to do on holiday, there are more good grades to come!

The main point I wanted to make, is that I’m going to stay in a house on one of the Greek islands (I have no idea which one…) and there is no internet… That could be seen as a positive or a negative, at the moment I’m definitely seeing the negatives, however, where my revision and reading is concerned no internet for a week will be brilliant, a break from the web world may just be what I need. This does of course mean that I don’t know if I’m going to be able to post frequently on here, like I had hoped. I wanted to keep you guys updated with the goings on of my holiday and I was planning on doing some outfit of the day posts etc etc. But those plans might just be scuppered if I’m unable to get any access to the internet. Apparently there are a lot of internet cafes and places with wi-fi in the local town, but I don’t know for definite. I will try my hardest to at least get a couple of posts up and if I’m unable to do that, I’ll be bombarding you all with them the minuet I touch back down in Blighty! 

I hope you guys have a fabulous week!

Currently Loving – Criminal Minds

I’ve always been partial to a good crime series or documentary even though I end up having nightmares for weeks after watching them…

Recently I’ve delved into the world of Criminal Minds and let me tell you now, there’s no going back. I’d heard tons of great things about it from loads of people but never really jumped onto the band wagon until last weekend, I was pretty bored with not much but homework to do and of course I was looking for something to aid my procrastination and help me avoid my homework at all costs, so after a flick through netflix’s recommendations for me (it knows me too well) I decided to give Criminal Minds a go.

To sum it up in a sentence or two, it’s a series about the behavioural analysis unit within the FBI; it follows the team as they investigate and delve into the minds of the biggest serial killers. It’s ah-maze-ing! I think it’s acted really really well (and trust me I’m bloomin’ critical when it comes to acting!) and one of the things I love most about it is that the scenarios are pretty realistic; they’re not completely over the top and really unlikely, they actually make sense.

You’re constantly kept guessing as to what will happen next and I think it’s similar to something like Sherlock (oh how I do love a bit of Benedict Cumberbach…) in the way that every single little intricate detail has been thought through and makes it all seem so much more exciting and tense. You never know quite how the investigation is going to end up and it’s just brilliant!

There is an interesting range of characters; you have the classic crime fighting ones and then there’s a genius who was a child prodigy and at the age of just twenty four knows more than most of us put together, he has a special soft spot in my heart… And then of course there’s the top dawg who just seems to be able piece together absolutely anything and everything and always saves the day.

Basically, you should all just go and watch it because it’s fab!

Connie x

When God Was A Rabbit – Review

Whilst on holiday this year I read When God Was A Rabbit by Sarah Winman and my only basis for deciding to read it was that the title intrigued me and I can honestly say that I’m really glad I read it. It’s not the best book I’ve ever read in my life but it’s definitely not the worst and I believe the reason I enjoyed it so much was because it’s a very unique book that actually holds meaning and teaches you morals and life lessons as you go, so here’s a little (or should I say big!) review on it for you guys! I hope you enjoy!

‘This is a book about a brother and a sister. It’s a book about childhood and growing up, friendships and families, triumph and tragedy and everything in between. More than anything it’s a book about love in all its forms.’

That’s what the author says this book is about, and she’s right, I agree with all of that, however to me, it’s also about many other things and to you, should you choose to read it, I’m sure it will be about different things. This is a book which changes and belongs individually to whoever chooses to pick it up and read it. Winman disguises the big questions in our world with a story about a seemingly normal family.

Elly, the narrator of the novel begins as a child; however I’m pretty certain that by the age of ten she holds more life experience than most adults in the world, however the naivety of childhood still plays a huge part in the development and duration of the novel… Although, how can we expect a young child to know how to respond to rape, having a gay brother and a best friend who leads a life of abandonment and abuse, especially when you think it’s the norm…

There are hidden treasures within this novel and small sentences which create the largest impact. One that made me completely break down due to its perfect realness was: ‘I divide my life into two parts. Not really a before or after, more as if they are book ends, holding together flaccid years of empty musings, years of late adolescent or the twenty-something whose coat of adulthood simply does not fit.’ How it is possible for such a small section of a book to have such an impact in unbeknown to me, however this really did and I think it helps sum up the content of the book extremely well,

As Elly grows she doesn’t necessarily mature, but she learns how life should be and realises that hers doesn’t exactly correspond.

Winman’s ability to combine the lives of so many individuals without making the book messy and confusing is outstanding; how does Jenny Penny’s life in prison, Joe’s life in New York with his childhood lover Charlie, Ginger’s life with cancer and Arthurs death by coconut (yes, there is humour in this book too!) all link back to Elly?

‘We stood in the middle of our garden unsheltered and unprotected and looked around at the turbulence of the lives we backed onto, sat next to, the lives of neighbours, and it shook clear our apathy until we saw again what our life here had been. There was the sledge our father has made, the one we took to school, the envy of all; and the ghosts of swings and climbing frames that had held us and dropped us, the sources of our tears. And we saw again the cricket and football matches that had scuffed the grass bare at the bottom lawn. And we remembered the tents we had made and the nights spent within, imaginary countries, us the explorers. There was suddenly so much to say goodbye to.’

I think this extract is not only a beautiful piece of writing, but it’s also so effective because I think most of us can relate to a time in our lives, more specifically in our childhoods where we felt similar to this.

Overall this book is extremely powerful and I believe it makes you consider life and its importance.

If you were wondering, God is Elly’s pet rabbit, he talks and pops up here and there in the novel…

Private vs State – The Big School Debate

It’s only as I’ve gotten older and become more aware of the fact that there are two different academic paths parents can chose for their children that the big private vs state school debate has interested me.

I’ve been state schooled since primary school and am currently going through state education in secondary school and I’m receiving an absolutely wonderful, high level of education. My parents have never been against private schooling and have never completely ruled out the chance that my sister and I may attended a privately run establishment, however, we’ve been extremely lucky in the fact that there have been really excellent state schools nearby wherever we have lived, meaning that my parents have enrolled me and my sister there because there was no need to send us to private school in order to assure we got a very high standard of education.

On the contrary both sets of my cousins, one set of which my sister and I are very close to, have been or are currently being privately educated and so I think it is very interesting to see if this creates/ has created any prominent differences between us. They’ve been in private education since they began school at the age of four and it has never strongly effected our relationship. Recently we’ve all discussed the differences between our education and yes, there are the obvious; their education is more intense than ours: they end school far later than we do and are possibly required to do more things within school than state school educated children are, their class sizes are considerably smaller and therefore the learning environment is slightly more intimate and individual, the facilities are more developed and high tech because the school can afford to update them frequently and lastly the pressure to do well is considerably increased because the all pupils that attended their school are very intelligent. However, those differences are just about all, it may seem like there are a lot, but if you think about it, there really aren’t.

I also have friends who attend private schools and yes, there are the cocky, extremely intelligent individuals who have wealthy parents, however, the majority of girls and boys who attended privately run institutions are just like those who attended state schools. We’re young people who attended our schools in order to get a good education which will set us on the road to success in later life. In the end it comes down to the choices our parents make for us when they enrol us into education.

I mentioned wealth briefly in the paragraph above and I think as much as we don’t want it to, wealth does have a very big part to play when it comes to education. The cost of private schooling varies depending on the school, but we all know private schools cost a lot of money. I can happily and thankfully say that my parents have never had to rule out the option of private school because of the cost, however some parents do. I know that these days privately run schools are extremely adamant of the fact that they will try to open their doors to any child that meets the academic requirements, through programs such a bursaries and scholarships, however, there is a only a certain amount of money set aside by private schools to help those in financial need, therefore, the majority of children who attended private schools have parents who are rather ‘well off’ and can afford to send their children to private school whilst also maintaing a good lifestyle for themselves and their offspring.

So overall, I believe that the big decision on whether to send your child to private or state school is affected by quite a few factors, but in the end it comes down to feasibility and parents preferences. In my opinion there isn’t to much of a difference and I don’t think that society should define individuals depending on their education. I’ve thought about what I think I may do if I have children in the future and obviously things change all the time, and I am thinking extremely far ahead, but I’ve come to the conclusion that if I’m financially stable enough to send my children to private school I probably will, however, if like my parents, I decide that the state schools nearby are just as good or that I would be financially better off not sending my children to private school, then I won’t.

What are your opinions on the private vs state school debate?

Connie x

Currently Loving – The 1975

Nearly two years ago in Brighton was the first time I saw The 1975 perform, they were a virtually unknown band from Manchester who were begging us to buy their merchandise so they had enough money to make it home. I had initially gone to see another of my favourite bands; Little Comets perform and The 1975 were one of two supporting acts, we didn’t take much notice when they first came on and started playing, however after five minuets or so they began to catch our attention…

To tell you the truth I can’t remember what songs they played at all, but I do remember that I went home and typed them in on good straight away, however nothing came up. They had a tumblr with one single page containing a minimum amount of information about them and that was absolutely it, there was nothing else at all, so I took the view that I’d just have to give up. I forgot about them until a couple of months later when I was browsing through iTunes and notices the first of their EPs was due for release soon, so I clicked pre order and after that EP was released it was love at first sound…

It was on repeat for months and as each of the other EPs came out they would be added to the loop.


As I’m sure a lot of you know they released their debut album a month or so ago and I can’t praise it enough, it’s F A B U L O U S. My favourite songs on the album are Menswear, Settle Down and She Way Out and I’m still as in love with Sex now as I was when I first heard it.


I literally can’t praise this album enough and if you haven’t heard it you really need to check it out.

Connie x

Catwalk Protestors – Sunday Snippet

A Sunday snippet on a Monday? Outrage! I hear you cry! Unfortunately I had a very hectic day yesterday and was unable to do my usual posts, but because I think this weeks snippet is very interesting and rather a topical story I wanted to make sure I got it up for you guys to read…

During the PFW Nina Ricci show in Tuileries gardens on Friday two protestors from the group Femen burst out onto the catwalk during model Hollie May Saker’s star moment and attempted to prevent her from completing her walk. The two women were completely naked on their top halves and had scrawled slogans in black marker pen across their chests.

The protestors are from the Ukrainian feminist group Femen who claim to fight for all things feminist and are well known for causing disruption during fashion events because they claim that the model industry abuses women and objectifies them.

Model Saker was said to extremely angry and completely outraged at the situation and tweeted multiple messages of frustration following the end of the show.

What are you views on the fashion industry? Is it a negative industry for women? I myself would like to say I support feminist ideals, however I believe that the fashion industry is an extremely important part of our culture and economy and yes, in the past it has been known to abuse the young models that become a part of it, however in the current day most are looked after well and supported by the designers they walk for.


What are you thoughts on this event?

Connie x

My Day Of Extravagance – Personal Memory – Vogue Young Writers Competition

As you walk through the doors you are engulfed in a world of high class and extravagance. You are greeted by half a dozen members of staff, dressed smartly in uniform. One of them escorts you to the cloakroom and takes your belongings off your hands, another gives you a numbered ticket for when you want to retrieve your coat. You are then collected by the Maître de who shows you to your table checking off you names on the reservation list as you go. You feel a little self conscious crossing the floor in front of so many people but are soon sinking into a chair held out for you and accepting the napkin that is unfurled and laid in your lap. Once you are seated a waiter glides gracefully over and says politely “good afternoon madam, have you had a chance to look at our menu and decide on your choice of drinks?”

“Yes thank you” I reply, “I’ll have a hot chocolate please” and, bowing slightly, he leaves to fetch my request. Meanwhile another waiter comes over holding an ornate cake stand full of delicately cut sandwiches and beautifully presented pastries and cakes. Just as he departs, our previous waiter returns with my delicious looking hot chocolate and carefully placing it on my saucer, smiles and leaves again. Before I take a sip of my drink and a bite of a sandwhich, I sit back in my chair and take in the atmosphere and beauty of my grand surroundings.

The walls are covered in golden statues of cherubs and beautifully designed pictures and patterns. In the background you can hear the tinkling piano, the chinking of tea cups and champagne glasses and the chatter of women on their afternoon out.

As I click back into concentration mode I sip my hot chocolate and the sweet taste explodes in my mouth, giving me a lovely warm buzz inside. I then remove the neatly folded napkin from my knees, excuse myself from the table and make my way down a small winding staircase to the powder room.

As I enter I take a look around – it’s amazing! There are women everywhere, some combing their hair, some re-applying make up, others perched on the sofa in the corner discussing what to do later or where to go for dinner.

I make my way towards a mirror and getting my cosmetics out from my bag, I start touching up my make up. When I finish I walk over to a table with a jug of water on it, I pour myself a glass and take a few sips which allows me to look around for a little longer. Everywhere the golden opulence of the tearoom is replicated but here it surrounds mirrors and gilt edged occasional furniture. I pluck a tissue patterned with the distinctive Ritz symbol from its box; put the empty glass back on the table ( it is quickly removed by a cleaner running around removing used towels and tidying things up ) and make my way back to my table.

When I sit back down and replace the napkin on my knees I make a choice from the delicious pastries – it’s not easy. There are meringues and mille feuille, choux buns and chocolate cake. I would like to try them all really. I decide on a mini chocolate éclair and eat it slowly, savouring every delicious mouthful. I watch all the guests at our neighbouring tables do much the same: some are groups of friends who look like they are celebrating a special occasion, other tables are occupied by couples who talk quietly and smile at one another over the rims of their champagne glasses. All are revelling in the genteel atmosphere that contrasts so starkly with the rush and noise of the traffic outside on Piccadilly.

About half an hour later, after lots of conversation, laugher – and more pastries – it is time to go. We leave the table, walking slowly to collect our things from the cloakroom and make our way to the door. The doorman who wishes us goodbye politely opens in for us and as I walk down the steps I briefly glance back and at the moment, I feel very privileged to have been able to enjoy such a treat for my twelfth birthday.

Before we set off to catch our train home, we decided to go for a stroll, along Bond Street and window-shop at all of the most desirable stores: I recognise many names that I’ve before seen in the glossy pages of magazines. As we drew level with the window of Louis Vuitton I pull my Mother’s arm to get her to stop, for there, in the display, is the most beautiful monogrammed canvas trunk that I have ever seen. I think to myself, I will buy that one day…